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Prestige solutions to optimize IT performance and value

By leveraging our IT optimization experience your business operation will improve significantly due to streamlined, reliable, less disruptive IT.

The role of IT has changed greatly over the last 10-12 years. Business is demanding more agility, responsiveness and collaboration from IT groups. IT in contrast perceives increasing pressure, More-with-Less scenarios, shrinking skills and ongoing retention challenges.MP900400421.JPG

Business/Technology alignment has been debated for years still little has been done to change mode of operation and resistance still prevails.

Cloud is a hot topic. The concept is perceived to be new, greeted by the business for its go-to-market enablement and challenged by IT for risk and control reasons. The idea itself however is not new. It exists since the birth of IT and the age of the mainframe.

There exists a common perspective that “one can always teach a business person technical skills” but that an “IT person” can “never understand” or “attain business skills”.

At Prestige we consistently challenge this perspective.

Through a phased approach we enable IT to transition from an operational, cost oriented, challenged organization to an engaged service provider with a focus on customer experience.  IT Performance and Value help IT groups implement the As-a-Service concept and understand how to develop and implement a business model that generates the value business stakeholders are looking for.

IT Performance (ITP) and IT Value (ITV) provide a unique combination of people, process and technology to help IT groups to become more dynamic and achieve higher confidence in themselves and from their customers.

ITP is ideal for medium to large organizations and includes

  • IT Performance Analysis
  • Review of Operation state
  • Restructure for increased efficiency
  • Elimination of process inefficiencies
  • Consolidation and alignment of competencies

ITV is ideal for small IT departments focused on

  • Change of perspective from cost-driven to value-driven
  • Selling internal IT “as a Service”
  • Building the Private Cloud


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